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Students going abroad for studies - plan your trip with these tips

Travelling abroad for higher studies entail huge expenditure and yet there is a surge of Indian students looking to the West for various academic courses. So you’ve

By: Sameera Bootwala | 
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Last Updated: 18-01-2022
Students going abroad for studies - plan your trip with these tips

Travelling abroad for higher studies entail huge expenditure and yet there is a surge of Indian students looking to the West for various academic courses.

So you’ve cleared your TOEFLs, GMATs, GREs and the likes of it; and secured an admission in a university of your choice. Whether you’re travelling to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland or any other place; you must understand that it is your ticket to an entirely different world. Apart from cultural diversity, you will find many differences in the way people talk, eat, dress, their food habits or even in their way of living.

While with time and observation you may be able to embrace these differences, there are some students who are left feeling homesick or suffer from anxiety. It is important to keep calm and be relaxed in such situations and to focus on the very reason of your stay aborad, which is education. In the process, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the new place, learn and acquire new skills that will enrich your life.

Once you are abroad, you are on your own and it goes without saying that you must act like a responsible adult; but that should not deter you from having a little fun. In order to enjoy your stay abroad, you must plan ahead and prepare yourself before leaving your homeland.

Before you take off, make sure you have made a checklist of the things you are most-definitely going to need. Along with other things, your checklist should include:
√ All documents and paperwork

√ Flight tickets

√ Passport and Student Visa

√ Important addresses and telephone numbers

√ Acceptance letter from the respective College or University

√ Foreign currency

√ Identification card

√ Travel insurance policy

The last one in the list which is a ‘Student Travel Insurance Policy’ is the most important aspect and can help you save a small fortune while you finish your studies. It is always a good bet to shop around and see what are the best travel insurance policies available in the market. 

A good student travel insurance plan will cover:

• Loss of passport

• Loss of baggage

• Medical expenses

• Personal accident

• Accidental death and disability

• Family visit

• Personal liability

• Study interruption

• Sponsor protection

• Emergency dental expenses

• Bail bond

Student travel insurance policies can be readily purchased online with minimum effort. But before you finalise on the plan, take time to read the benefits and also the exclusions to get an idea of what you will not be covered for. Travel insurance policies are cheap and very reasonably priced plans.

Remember that life can throw unexpected surprises at you, and it is always better to be well equipped!

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