Bonus rate of HDFC life plans. Check bonus values for all HDFC life policies

Know the bonus in your HDFC life plan. Get the updated bonus rates updated every year. Also, details of all interim bonuses declared by HDFC Life.

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Last Updated - May 12, 2023
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Listed below are the details of the yearly bonus for all HDFC life policies.

UIN No.Policy Name
101N018V01HDFC Life Assurance Plan Bonus Rates
101N014V01HDFC Life Savings Assurance Plan Bonus Rates
101N105V01,101N105V02, 101N105V03HDFC Life Uday Plan Bonus Rates
101N099V01, 101N099V02, 101N099V03HDFC Life YoungStar Udaan Plan Bonus Rates
101N098V01,101N098V02, 101N098V03, 101N098V04HDFC Life Super Income Plan Bonus Rates
101N090V01HDFC Life Super Savings Plan Bonus Rates
101N089V01, 101N089V02, 101N089V03, 101N089V04HDFC Life Classicassure Plus Plan Bonus Rates
101N091V01, 101N091V02, 101N091V03HDFC Life Personal Pension Plus Plan Bonus Rates
101N077V01HDFC Life Classic Pension Insurance Plan Bonus Rates
101N063V01HDFC Life New Money Back Plan Bonus Rates
101N071V01HDFC Life Endowment Gain Plan Bonus Rates
101N008V01HDFC Life Personal Pension Plan Bonus Rates
101N001V01, 101N001V02HDFC Life Endowment Assurance Plan Bonus Rates
101N002V01HDFC Life Money Back Plan Bonus Rates
101N010V01HDFC Life Children Plan Bonus Rates

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